Markdown Formatting Rules


Paragraphs are divided by blank lines.


# Top-level Heading                         Alternative Top Level Heading

## Second-level Heading                     Alternative 2nd Level Heading


  1. [display text](URL)
  2. [display text](URL "Title")
  3. <URL>
  4. [display text][label]

With link format 4 ("reference links") the label must be resolved by including a line of the form [label]: URL or [label]: URL "Title" somewhere else in the document.


  • *italic*
  • _italic_
  • **bold**
  • __bold__
  • `code`

Note that the `...` construct disables HTML markup, so one can write, for example, `<html>` to yield <html>.


 *   bullet item
 +   bullet item
 -   bullet item
 1.  numbered item

Block Quotes

Begin each line of a paragraph with ">" to block quote that paragraph.

> This paragraph is indented

> > Double-indented paragraph


  • In-line images using ![alt-text](image-URL)
  • Use HTML for complex formatting issues.
  • Escape special characters (ex: "[", "(", "*") using backslash (ex: "\[", "\(", "\*").
  • See for additional information.

Special Features For Fossil

  • In hyperlinks, if the URL begins with "/" then the root of the Fossil repository is prepended. This allows for repository-relative hyperlinks.
  • For documents that begin with top-level heading (ex: "# heading #"), the heading is omitted from the body of the document and becomes the document title displayed at the top of the Fossil page.